When you go on roads, you might have seen the lights on roads, these are called LED industrial machine lights. The purpose of the traffic lights is to ensure people’s safety. Traffic lights are installed at every road where the traffic passes by. It is extremely necessary to install a traffic light on every road so that people stay safe from accidents. There are three lights in every traffic light and the structure is vertical, the first light is red which associates to stop, the second light is yellow which associates to wait which means get ready to start driving, then the last and third light is green which indicates to go and start the drive. There may be different colours in some countries that indicate differently but usually in every country, the standard colours of lights are red, yellow, and green.

These indications are very important so that people know when they need to stop and when they need to start driving. In earlier ages, there was no concept of traffic lights and the roads and traffic was extremely chaotic, the ratio of accidents was high and people were not secured when they were out. People had to watch everywhere so they stay safe from accidents, people still have to see everywhere while driving but now they are secured and safe with the help of traffic lights. The police control traffic and even someone breaks the traffic signal, police charge fine on the person who breaks the signal. In every city, many roads are interconnected with each other. For instance, if there are four roads interconnected and from each road, the traffic is passing by to go on another road, if there were no traffic lights, the ratio of accidents would have been too high and the traffic would have been jammed which would have been made everyone late for their work.

The example continues, if there are four roads, the traffic on three roads have to stop so that one road can go, then the one road which was on green signal goes on red after some minute then it is time for another road to be on the green signal etc. This is how traffic lights work which is a great way of saving people from accidents and traffic jams.

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