The prime objective of an overhead crane is to minimise the difficulty of shifting heavy goods within the site and making the operation simple and safer. If you are looking for the perfect weight lifting and moving tool for your business then you need to have to do a detailed study on the functioning of the tools. There are plenty of them present in the market and thus you need to pick the most suitable one. Let’s have a brief discussion on the tools that can help you in this regard: 

Jib cranes
The jib crane is placed horizontally on a wall or pillar so that it can support the movable hoist. Factories take help of such cranes a lot in securing the safety of the goods’ movement. When searching for crane sales Australia, this specific type of crane can be highly approachable as these cranes are rotating and can be rotated in all 360 degrees. The versatility gives the user more opportunity to move the goods in all directions.

Gantry cranes
Such cranes are also extensively used in factories and are used to lift and transport goods till 2000kg. This crane comes in I-beam design, which makes it suitable for use in various industries. The stationary and moveable component of the crane makes it easy for the load of lower capacity to be easily shifted. So, before you invest on the crane, make sure it is suitable for your business need and you get all the overhead crane spare parts very easily.

The workstation cranes
The workstation cranes are used in various workstations as these are very robust in nature. You can fit it on the floor or mount it on the ceiling. This typical crane can handle the load capacity of 2000kg. The workstation cranes make the floor usable and the installation of these types of cranes is very easy.

The bridge crane
The name itself signifies how the structure of the crane can be. The bridge cranes are placed on parallel runways and a movable bridge connects the gap. The hoist is responsible to carry the weight and move it in parallel directions. The electric chain hoists are durable and versatile and thus used in workstations. It can lift a weight of 2500-5000kg depending on the load capacity features.

Air balanced cranes
The air balanced cranes are used to make the movement of fewer loads quickly. If the products or goods are required to be picked and moved quickly then the user can install air balanced cranes. In this typical you can move weight of 70kg to 350kg with efficacy and safety