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There are a few reasons why we should conserve electricity. Firstly, electricity saves money. Electricity bills go extremely high. A few decades ago, people didn’t use electricity as much as today. There was no need for it unless. They wanted lights and air conditioners. Today we need for nearly everything ranging from TVs’ computers, generators, consoles and such. Further, most people have many of these things at home. We use much more electricity than we ever did. The demand for electricity is very high. We need to limit the electricity used. The best way is to get efficient electronics.solar panel cleaning

Another factor we should take in to account is global warming. The 2000s were the warmest years on record. There is too much CO2 in the atmosphere and this is continuing to rise. Global warming is a very real threat. Ice caps are melting and sea levels are rising. Even though your home only contributes very little to global warming, collectively it is very large. We need to try and reduce our ecological footprint. By doing so we don’t have to part of it and encourage others to do the same. Instead of using a gutter vacuum system, you can use some tools to clean your gutter and so on. Here are some ways to conserve electricity.

Change the lights

Instead of using incandescent lights we can switch to LED and CFL bulbs. These bulbs are highly energy efficient and long lasting. Similarly, incandescent bulbs release most of its consumed energy by heat. CFL bulbs are a good replacements for incandescent bulbs. LED’s are a little more expensive but are better alternative. When you change all the bulbs, you’ll notice how cheaper your bill is.

Using different methods to get electricity

This method doesn’t reduce or help global warming, but it reduces your bill. This is used in most hotels. Solar panels are very useful for things like warm water and a few electronic products. In some countries you can send the saved current through the grid and save on your electricity bill. Make sure you do the solar panel cleaning from time to time though.

Create openings

Make sure you create opening around the house. This can serve two purposes. One is to make sure there’s enough light inside the house. This way you don’t always have to switch on the lights and you can save a lot of energy through the day and only need to put the lights on ag night. The other purpose is for the wind to blow in so you don’t need the fan or air conditioner at times. This too will help you conserve energy and save on your bill and the global warming affects.